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here's my cache of projects :)

some personal stuff, favorite coding assignments, things from lab, and more!

this page is under construction- working on making individual pages for each project so i can go into them in more detail, but for now, this is just a list!

this website!

june 2022-present

built this website from scratch using HTML and CSS. it was certainly a learning process, and while i'm no web designer, im pretty proud of the result!

keywords: HTML, CSS, web development, web design, UI/UX

Clarity Sensor v. EPA Calibration Plot

September 2022-Current

For the Environmental Sensors lab. Created a scatterplot comparing data from the Nubian Sq. EPA station 2.5PM readings to that of a clarity sensor in the same area.

keywords: data analysis, data display, environmental data, python, API

Bootleg Photoshop


Object-Oriented Design programming assignment to construct an image processing software in Java. Resulted in features such as flipping, resizing, greyscale, color selection, and more!

keywords: java, object-oriented design, GUI, image

field notebook : native plants and associated geology

July 2022-August 2022

Went on a dialogue (abroad class offered at NEU) for geological field study, camping a month in iceland! while there, tracked and identified the native plants in each location and the geological features that could effect their growth. uploaded the notebook to the PDF here.

keywords: environmental science, geology, ecology, field work

automatic cornmaze runner

May 2022-June 2022

Fundamentals of CS assignment built in java that randomly constructs mazes and traverses them with breadth and depth search. User inputs determine which algorithm solves the maze, or allows for a manual solving version. The maze also comes with customizable bias for its generation, and fun animations for everything!

keywords: java, algorithms, breadth-search, depth-search, user input

a gardener's handbook: database project

May 2022-June 2022

Database design project that queried a SQL database of plants, their growing conditions (such as water, light, growing zones, soil types), companion plants for those plants, and recipes that could be made out of the plants. Used a Java driver for interaction with the database. Allowed the user to save, add, and modify recipe entries in the database.

keywords: SQL, java, java drivers, UI

36 Chair Leg Commission

September 2020-October 2020

Design project. Commission from Local Coffee in Montclair, NJ to design thirty six tessalating designs. Each design was for a numbered chair leg in the shop, and correlated to some sort of mathematical concept. You can check it out on the shop's website here.

keywords: design, math, artwork, fun

front porch storytelling, WRBB 104.9FM

Sept 2022-current

A part music, part history radio show airing at 3pm Saturdays on 104.9FM. Focuses on subgenres of country such as bluegrass, old-time, and appalachian folk, as well as the history and story behind traditional american fiddle tunes and banjo licks.

Crochet Experiments

Winter 2021-Current

No matter how much I practice crochet, it is one of those things I will always be mediocre at. Which is ok! It is just as much fun to experiment with something as it is to be good at it. Here's some things I have made.

keywords: hobbies